A Little Bit Closer

Apr 22


today is bisexual awareness day. be aware of bisexuals. they are out there, and they are dangerous.

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noddin my head like yeah 


movin my hips like yeah 


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kissinboys asked: Musical note

Recover // Chvrches

And if I Recover

Will you be my comfort?

Or it can be over

Or we can just leave it here

First of all, calling it a “Circle Jerk” is geometrically innacurate, Second,

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Apr 21

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you see

sometimes i’ll get really nice anon compliments

but then other times they’re just


Anonymous asked: thanks for introducing me to chvrches. also thanks for being cute <3

You’re welcome! :D And thank you >///<

zachvvell asked: ♪

Twilight Galaxy // Metric

Did the tell you, you should grow up
When you wanted to dream?


send me a ♪ i will put my music on shuffle and give you a song and my favorite line from it

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yo Laverne Cox dropped from number 1 on that Time’s poll and Benedict Cumberbatch is beating her out by 400 votes cmon everyone go vote for her!!!

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girl, there is a fine line between wearing makeup and looking like you just got gang banged by crayola 

this text post is like a bad 2008 facebook page

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